Composting Head Update

I can’t believe the overwhelmingly positive feedback this project has received. Everywhere I go, people ask me how the composting toilet is progressing. My presumptuous friends often ask, “did you give it a good long sanding?” No doubt to save their own hind quarters from unpleasantness during their next Social Security voyage.

The design of the fancy front fascia, was as much planned as it was by accident. At first, I truly intended for the front to reach down to the floor. However, I was having a “measure once and cut twice” kind of day. Royally buggered it up. Then I remembered this article I saw about making tiny spaces feel bigger. Basically, it recommended that you don’t allow large objects in a space to follow a straight plane down to the floor. So… I straightened up the bottom and now the head has room for feet to slide under the edge. Additional benefits include ventilation and prevention of water leaks from collecting behind the compression post. We all make mistakes, but sometimes those mistakes are good in the end. I guess you might say that I am a “head half full” kind of guy. Oooooo… gotcha.

The photos above are fill, prime and paint. I am using Kilz Original Primer and Epifanes Mono-urethane.


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