Window Repair

One of the most frustrating things for many sailors is dealing with leaky windows. Many, myself included, have fallen victim to the quick fix. Whether that fix is spreading silicone all over the window or adding rain guards over the port lights. The truth is most leaks come from the vinyl gasket that surrounds the glass (acrylic).


This vinyl deteriorates quickly in the sun. Replacing this vinyl and using high quality butyl tape to seal the flange between the the cabin and the window frame is a sure fire way to stop those leaks.

While I had the acrylic out, I decided to order and cut some new pieces. With a jigsaw and a super sharp blade, these were easy to cut. Go slow and take breaks, cast acrylic is known to crack easily. Look at the difference below.


If you are looking to order the vinyl gasket, it is available at most plumbing suppliers. The part is:
D752C CRL Glazing Vinyl; 11/32″ Channel Depth 9/32″ Metal Opening for 3/16″ Glass – 100 ft Roll

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