The marina is empty. All my friends and their boats are put away and they look ship shape. I am down in the belly of a cold, smelly boat. I bet they are in front of a nice warm fire somewhere. Maybe I should have sprung for a little nicer boat. Urgh, why did that stainless nut just slip out of my hand and slide under the engine. Why did I do this? Is this possibly the worst decision I have ever made? What am I going to do with this thing? What if I fix it up and then have to move away? Will someone buy this smelly old boat? My better half won’t be pleased about this. Why did she agree to do this? Why isn’t she here to keep me company? Urgh, my feet are cold. Is there even a market for these things anymore? What if I do all this work and it si.. si… si… sin… sin… sin… sink… sinks. Man, I have to go to the bathroom and its a long climb down that ladder. What time is it? Me hungry. There goes the flashlight. I better poke my head out and see what is going on.

Being on the hard has some unexpected perks.


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