Out with the Old Cushions

There are so many reasons to replace your boat’s cushions:

  1. Bright colors inside the cabin increase enjoyment.
  2. Makes the inside look cleaner.
  3. Reduces funky smells.
  4. Allows you to comfortably sleep on the boat.
  5. Newer Sunbrella fabrics are more resist to mold and mildew improving air quality and health.



This is one of those items that you really have to shop around. We received price quotes that were equal to what we paid for the boat to have these built. We ended up driving them to Pittsburgh, PA where we found excellent crafts people and a reasonable price for cushions. The bay is just too expensive to get this work done locally. They used the old cushions as templates. I have heard of other options, you can send the old ones away to a company that will clone new covers or you could sew them yourself. Unless you are really skilled at sewing piping into fabric, I recommend outsourcing this project. The piping really adds a lot to the cushions.


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